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Golar Snow

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Golar SnowGolar Snow is modern gas carrier, built in 2015 by Samsung Heavy Industries at their Koje Shipyard, according to the latest IMO standards and following the modern marine engineering developments. The liquefied natural gas tanker is high-efficient with low fuel consumption and more environmental operations. The LNG carrier Golar Snow has overall length of 280.00 m and length between perpendiculars 269.00 m. The ship has moulded beam of 43.40 m, boards depth of 26.40 m and maximum draft of 12.15 m. With such dimensions, the vessel has deadweight of 81,355 DWT, gross tonnage of 102,200 GRT and 30,661 GRT. Golar Snow is large and uses latest and most safety technologies for cargo handling and transportation of liquefied natural gas at close to atmospheric pressure by cooling it to approximately −162 degrees Celsius with maximum maritime transport pressure is set at around 25 kPa (4 psi).

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Ferry Osaka II

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Ferry Osaka 2Ferry Osaka II is modern passenger and car ferry, built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries at their shipyard in Shimonoseki Shipyard & Machinery Works in September 2015. The ship is owned and operated by Japan Railway Construction, Transport and Technology Agency and Meimon Taiyo Ferry, employed at Seto Inland Sea on route between ShinMoji and Osaka. The ferry has overall length of 172.00 m, moulded beam of 27.00 m, boards depth of 15.15 m and maximum draft of 6.70 m. Ferry Osaka II has deadweight of 5,600 DWT and gross tonnage of 24,000 GRT, which allows capacity for 146 trucks, 105 cars and 713 passengers. The truck loading capacity of the new vessel is enlarged by 30% compared with the former vessel to contribute to the modal shift of transport, as well as higher efficiency of operations.

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AIDAprima vesselAIDAprima is Hyperion Class vessel and flagship of AIDA Cruises, still under construction at Mitsubishi Shipbuilding at their shipyard in Nagasaki, Japan. The vessel was several time delayed in delivery, as originally should enter in service in first half of 2015 with a trip to 22 countries. After several delays for later date in 2015 and several minor incidents during building and construction, the delivery of AIDAprima was postponed to April 30, 2016. The cruise ship will be largest and most modern vessel in the fleet of AIDA Cruises with capacity for 3,300 passengers, served by 900 crew members. The ship features with 18 passenger decks, 15 dining options, indoor and outdoor pools. The overall length of AIDAprima is 300.00 m, moulded beam is 37.60 m and maximum draft is 8.00 m. With such dimensions the cruise liner is classified under DNV GL class with deadweight of 9,200 DWT and gross tonnage of 124,500 GRT.

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Norwegian Bliss

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Norwegian BlissNorwegian Bliss is the latest project and flagship of Norwegian Cruise Line, which is currently under construction in Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany. The Breakaway Plus-class vessel has estimate date of delivery in 2018 and will be a real jewel into the fleet of cruise line, implementing the most modern marine ships engineering technologies and high comfort for the passengers. Norwegian Bliss will be also the largest cruise ship of Norwegian Cruise Line with capacity for 4,250 passengers with double occupancy, who will be served by 2,000 crew members. The vessel has twelve decks, fourteen of which are available for the passengers and providing high comfort accommodations and a lot of attractions. Norwegian Bliss has overall length of 325.90 m, moulded beam of 41.40 m and maximum draft of 9.00 m. The cruise ship has deadweight of 11,700 DWT and gross tonnage of 164,600 GRT. The vessel is impressive in size and tonnage, but also providing higher safety for the passengers and using more environmental technologies.

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Hawaiian Highway

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Hawaiian HighwayHawaiian Highway is most modern car carrier in the fleet of Japanese shipping company K-Line. The vessel was built in the completed and delivered in the summer of 2015 by Shin Kurushima Dockyard, following the latest IMO standards and marine engineering developments. The car carrier has capacity for 7,500 cars and currently is one of the most modern and environmental vessels operated by the company. Hawaiian Highway has overall length of 200.00 m, moulded beam of 38.00 m and boards depth of 38.14 m. The ship has deadweight of 20,606 DWT and gross tonnage of 75,126 GRT. Hawaiian Highway has total capacity of 7,500 cars on 12 cargo decks, three of which are liftable for easier loading and discharging and for faster cargo handling operations. Such cargo decks arrangement increase the capacity heavy cargoes and permits efficient loading of cargoes from large and heavy vehicles to small cars.

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Hong Kong Express

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Hong Kong ExpressHong Kong Express is ultra large container ship, built according to the latest shipbuilding and marine engineering standards and developments. The cargo vessel has overall length of 366.50 m, moulded beam of 48.20 m and maximum summer draft of 15.50 m. The ship has deadweight of 127,170 DWT, gross tonnage of 142,295 GRT and net tonnage of 60,481 NT. With such dimensions the ultra large container ship Hong Kong Express has capacity for 13,092 TEU or 9,082 FEU. On board there are 800 reefer plugins for transportation of temperature controlled cargo. The cargo vessel was built in March 2013 by Hyundai Heavy Industries in their shipyard in Ulsan, South Korea and implements the most modern technologies for container carrying efficiency and flexibility. Hong Kong Express fully cellular container ship, which has improved design for higher capacity without changing the length and draft, which allow her to be more profitable for the shipowner and operator. The vessel’s surf-bulb and rudder-fin improve the dynamic characteristics and fuel consumption.

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MacherasMacheras is G-Series Panamax bulk carrier, built in 2015 in Maizuru shipyard according to the latest IMO standards and developments in shipbuilding and marine engineering. The cargo ship has overall length of 229.00 m, moulded beam of 32.25 m, boards depth of 20.00 m and maximum summer draft of 14.45 m. The deadweight of the ship is 81,000 DWT and the gross tonnage is 43,229 GRT. The Panamax bulk carrier Macheras has larger deadweight and cargo hold capacity at shallow draft, allowing to operate in all large cargo ports in the world. The ship is suitable for carrying grain, bulk coal and iron ore in its 7 cargo holds, which have developed structure and design for easier loading and discharging. The ship is built with double hull and double bottom for increased strength and safety.

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Iron Southern Cross

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Iron Southern Cross ore carrierThe ore carrier Iron Southern Cross is one of the largest and most modern ships, built last years. The vessel was built in January 2015 at the shipyard in Imari Shipyard & Works by Namura Shipbuilding. The ship has overall length of 329.95 m, moulded beam of 57.00 m, board depth of 25.10 m and maximum summer draft of 18.00 m. The bulk carrier Iron Southern Cross has deadweight of 250,993 DWT and gross tonnage of 132,587 GRT. The vessel is type is known as WOZMAX with principal dimensions that satisfy the restrictions of the three major ports in Western Australia (WOZ), very important for iron loading. The ship is highly efficient and profitable in operations, able to load 250,000 metric tons at 18.00 m draft and complying with latest requirements of IMO and MARPOL regulations.

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CMA CGM Kerguelen

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CMA CGM KerguelenCMA CGM Kerguelen is the largest container ship of the French ship operator CMA CGM. The vessel has overall length of 398.00 m, moulded beam of 54.00 m and maximum summer draft of 16.00 m. The cargo ship is one of the largest in her class and definitely one of the most environmental and efficient vessels of the world. CMA CGM Kerguelen has capacity for 17,722 TEU with 1,254 reefer plugs to transportation of temperature controlled containers. The vessel is capable to carry hazardous cargoes Class A and has improved safety. The container ship was delivered in March 2015 by Samsung Shipbuilding & Heavy Industries in their shipyard in Geoje, South Korea. The container ship is cellular type with improved capacity and better stowage and securing capabilities. The containers safety is reinforced through external lashing and new twist locks. CMA CGM Kerguelen has systems for calculation of the cargo plan for easier cargo handling and increased bridge height. The high efficiency and higher rows allow the vessel to transport more cargo without increasing the dimensions.

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MSC Oliver

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MSC OliverMSC Oliver is the newest and most modern container ship of Mediterranean Shipping Company, which was launched yesterday by Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering by their shipyard in Geoje, South Korea. The vessel is also the largest cargo ship in the world together with her sister MSC Oscar, each with capacity for 19,224 TEU. The container ship is highly efficient, powerful and environmental. MSC Oliver has overall length of 395.40 m, moulded beam of 59.00 m and maximum summer draft of 16.00 m. With such dimensions the cargo ship has deadweight of 196,000 DWT and gross tonnage of 193,000 GRT. The main deck of the container ship is equivalent to four football fields and has impressive capacity for 19,224 TEU with 1,800 reefer points for carrying of temperature controlled cargo. MSC Oliver is highly effective with modern cargo handling system, which allows easier cargo stowage and easier loading and discharging. The ship will start operation in April 2015 at company line between Asia and North Europe, carrying 35% more containers compared to average conventional ships of Mediterranean Shipping Company.

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